Join the SJE Arts Team

SJE Volunteer Steward

We are looking for stewards to join the SJE family and assist with the delivery of front-of-house operations. Stewards are very much at the heart of the team, ensuring the public feel welcome attending performances at SJE Arts.

Core tasks (volunteers can opt in or out of any of the following):

  • Box office: checking and selling tickets, selling programmes and CDs for performers
  • Ushering: welcoming visitors to the venue, assisting with seat allocations and general queries from the public
  • Bar: selling drinks/snacks
  • Health and safety: in an event emergency, helping to evacuate the venue
  • Assisting with clearing up after the concert

Benefits: SJE Volunteer Stewards are allotted a seat and are able to watch the performance for free, plus they receive occasional invitations to concerts and are invited to volunteer parties and events. They are usually required for 3-4 hours per concert.

For more information, please email Emma at

SJE Concert Manager (occasional)

We are looking for occasional concert managers to support the growing number of concerts at SJE Arts. The Concert Manager’s role is to ensure the smooth running of concerts, attend to performers and oversee managing the front of house activities on concert days.

Core tasks:

  • Setting up the venue on concert days
  • Being the primary point of contact for artists/promoters on the day
  • Managing the front-of-house operations, including supervision of concert bar and staff
  • Ensuring a smooth-running performance day, including managing health and safety operations and evacuating in the event of an emergency
  • Supervising the clear up at the end of the performances

Concert Managers are paid and are usually expected for 10-12 hours (including a break) for any concert. First Aid training is essential and will be provided if required.

For more information or to apply, please email Emma at

SJE Staging Technician (occasional)

We are looking for technicians to facilitate venue changes for the growing number of concerts and recordings at SJE Arts.

Core tasks:

  • Assembling staging for performances and recordings
  • Organising audience seating and bringing extra chairs to the church
  • Positioning of the church altar and other church furniture for services as required

Staging technicians are paid a fixed fee for the first two hours, with additional paid hours as and when required. They are usually expected to work late evening shifts, after a concert has ended.

For more information or to apply, please email Emma at